The Wall of Shame – Music video release

This new written rock song is about what happens at the Mexico US border where Trump has ordered a new taller Wall and Zero tolerance against illegal immigrants.

The whole world suddenly realized the inhuman nature of this American president and he had to produce an executive order to stop the guard from separating kids from theire parents. The damage and traumatization is already a fact for many of them so Trump will probably go down for the meanest president US has ever had.

DWELL is perfoming with a fantastic, magical tune.
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Photage from screen by Public Domain.

Lyric, Editor and Producer
Börje Peratt

Wall of Shame

In februari 2017 I wrote a lyric “The Beast is loose on the wall of shame“. A little later I held a class and met Thommy Lindskog and asked him if he could make the music and find a singer. The ideas went back and forth until it sounded magical.

An then in spring of 2018 the wall at the Mexico border turned out to be a scenery of shameful actions towards refuges especially families. So I decided to do a rock video illustrating what happened at that border.

We also wanted the group in action. But since we couldn’t find a time for everybody in the rock group to be ensembled for this filming event we decided to do a trailer and I added real pictures from both this shameful wall and the Berlin Wall. History repeats it self.

The Trailer

is removed

Be part of the story

We now ask for photos and Videos from the Mexico border to use to use free of any charge in the upcoming video.

All pictures now used are within Public Domain.

If You suggest otherwise please make a comment and we can remove your picture if you want so.

Börje Peratt